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Manga Madness

Manga, for those who don’t know, are Japanese graphic novels that are read from right to left (yes even when they’re translated into English). But don’t let that intimidate you! Manga are full of fun adventures, complex characters, and stunning artwork to absorb you right into another world. Plus, there is the added bonus that most manga don’t stop at volume one. Or two. Or thirty-five. Since we’ve all got a lot of time on our hands at the moment, now is the perfect time to try out a manga series, or try out a new one if you’re already a manga fan. Here are just a few of our staff’s favorites to get you started! And remember, you can purchase everything on this list from our website with FREE shipping!

These are just a few of my favorite fun, magical adventure manga and excellent series for YA and adult audiences alike.

In Fruits Basket we follow the journey of Tohru Honda, a kindhearted high school student, who’s life gets a whole lot stranger when she is taken in by the mysterious Sohma Family after her mother’s death. While having slice-of-life and romantic comedy elements, when Tohru discovers that her new friends house the spirits of the zodiac and can actually turn into their animal (whether they want to or not), the story gets a whole lot more magical.

The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in the fantasy world of Britannia, and follows the adventures of an elite group of Holy Knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins who ban together under their captain Meliodas and Princess Elizabeth of Liones to save the kingdom from corrupt knights trying to start a war. And that’s just the beginning. Full of giants and fairies, demons and goddesses, and a forbidden love for the ages this is one exciting ride!

Orange is a light, sci-fi, romantic comedy, taking place in a normal modern day high school, where our main character, Naho Takamiya, receives a letter from her future self asking her to protect her new classmate Kakeru from a horrible fate. As the letter’s predictions start to come true, high school gets a whole lot more complicated for Naho as she races against time to save Kakeru.

For any teens or adults out there who are looking for an exciting supernatural adventure, dive into these awesome manga series picked by Christopher!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a multi-generational story about the Joestar family, broken up into eight parts each following a different member of the family all of whom possess a supernatural ability known as Stand. In Diamond is Unbreakable, a student named Josuke Higashikata discovers he is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar and that he possess a Stand which pulls him into the crazy world of paranormal battles between good and evil.

Soul Eater is a supernatural adventure story that takes place at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school for humans who can turn into weapons and the meisters who wield them, run by Shinigami, the Lord of Death himself. The story follows meister Maka Alburn and her scythe Soul Eater as they work to reach their goal of turning Soul Eater into one of the scythes used by Shinigami himself, while also getting embroiled in deadly battles.

The sci-fi action manga, Land of the Lustrous, takes place on a future earth where nearly all human life has been destroyed and new beings known as the Lustrous, immortal jewels that take the form of people, now live. The story follows Phos, a Lustrous, on their travels to create a natural history of the world which draws them into the Lustrous war with the lunarians, a race of beings who would turn all of the Lustrous into decorations.

“I first watched Made in Abyss as an anime and I immediately fell in love with the story and the art style and it was the first manga I ever read, but certainly won’t be the last! It focuses on two kids who must venture into a deep pit full of magical beings on the quest for the truth about what happened to the young girls mother.

Drifting Dragons is a relatively new manga to the states, with only three or four volumes published so far I believe. It’s a great adventure story about dragon hunters who also love food! It reminds me a great deal of one of my favorite books, Cinnamon and Gunpowder.

Ran and the Gray World is a manga I have just started while sel-isolating and is about a young sorceress who wants to be an adult like her mother and finds the right magical item to instantly propel her into adulthood. There are five or six volumes available in the states so far and I’m enjoying it a great deal!”


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we explore baking books!

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