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Meet the Booksellers: Mary

Mary, beloved senior staff members and long time bookseller, always gets a lot of positive feedback on her picks and we are always asked in the store, “What’s Mary reading?” What follows are just a few titles that she enjoyed recommending at the store pre-lockdown! All titles are available with FREE shipping!

As someone who actually enjoys reading obituaries of people I don’t know (because you can learn a lot about a person after they die!),  Mobituaries was written for me. I especially like the story of Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite celebrities, and also the dedication Mo wrote about his own father.


As a long time bookseller, I related to Nina on so many levels: from living with way too many books in her home, to wanting one job-to find the right book for the right person, and believing that there is one out there for everyone. After losing her library job in England, Nina takes a risk and moves to Scotland to transform a van into a bookmobile. She learns to live in the real world instead of through her books. The romance that develops between Nina and her landlord is touching. This is a feel good story to read with a warm beverage in front of a fire, while dreaming of being in the Scottish Highlands.


(I, Sarah, would like to note that I also love this book and I wouldn’t stop talking about it so Mary really wanted to read it and put it up for her book club to read!)

Ask Again, Yes is a compelling, heartbreaking, yet ultimately hopeful novel. Mary Beth Keane is incredibly talented; she does not sugar coat, instead giving readers a compulsively readable family drama. I did not expect to become so completely engrossed in these characters’ stories — two families whose lives become inextricably linked by young love and personal tragedy. Their myriad mistakes and attempts to atone beautifully demonstrate the power and grace found in forgiveness.

Anderson McKean, Page and Palette, Fairhope, AL

Cantu personalizes the U.S.-Mexican border and all of its complexity in a way I’ve never seen. His writing is beautiful, with haunting and detailed descriptions of the desert, the immigrants, the cartels, and his own fears about violence and identity confusion. The criminalization of searching for a better life and the dehumanization of the process is looked at from several angles, and his journalistic approach does not make judgments, but clearly tells the facts. A great new writer to follow.

Pat Marsello, Bookworks, Albuquerque, NM

This is an updated edition of a book that was originally published in 1995. The daily passages are a great way to start the day before your feet “hit the floor”. You can begin it at any date and you will be inspired by the quotes and meditations. You may want to pair it with an updated Simple Abundance Gratitude Journal also!


Tomorrow we’ll feature the latest Indie Bestsellers and this week we’ll give an update on how we’re handling May events. Is there another bookseller‘s recommendations you’d like us to feature? Let us kno!

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