May Store Update

Hello wonderful book lovers! As we near the end of our second month of self-isolation, we want to take this time to offer a few updates on what we’ve been doing and our plans for this month.


This is what we all want to know! However, we don’t have a clear answer at this point. We are closely following the updates from Governor Wolf, and since we are located in Montgomery County which still continues to see high numbers of people diagnosed with Covid-19, we will have to wait until the infection rate decreases in our area. Currently we are all laid off and we want to open and get “back to normal” as soon as possible! But we value the health of our employees and customers and the last thing we want to is do is anything that would cause the illness to spread unchecked. As soon as we’re able to reopen, we’re going to shout it from the mountaintops and we’ll make sure everyone knows “the plan” as far as how we’re going to handle business once we do. To stay up to date with us, we recommend following this blog (the best way to keep up to date with us), our social media, and checking our website often. All of those links can be found by clicking on the button below.

Web Orders

Web orders are still going strong – thank you all for everything that you have been doing to support our store, it means the world to us! Haven’t ordered yet but want to? Check out the FAQ on the front page of our website (or click the button below) to ensure the best ordering experience and quickest processing and fulfillment of your order. We’re still offering FREE shipping, so take advantage of getting your books sent to you for FREE while supporting your local independent bookstore! We’ve also gotten a number of inquiries about tying web orders to your rewards program, so if you’ve already done a web order, just click on the Rewards Program button below to put in your info so we can tie it into your rewards.

Store Events

We have cancelled all in-person events for the month of May, regardless of when we might re-open our doors. Even if we do re-open this month, we’re going to continue to practice social distancing and unfortunately that means changing how we do events. A number of our book clubs have been meeting virtually while we’ve been closed and for updates on which ones, check out the book club page on this website, or click the button for Book Clubs below for more information on our website and to order books. For author events, we’ve left it up to the individual authors what they would like to do and we are working with a number of them to put together virtual events – we’ll keep you posted on who’s doing what and when!

Recommendations for Books

Every book list we’ve posted on the blog, every week’s Indie Bestsellers, the Indie Next List, what the book clubs are reading, and more are on our website! We are FULL of general, if not personal recommendations and we hope that you’ll find something on one of our lists that you’ll love!

We hope you you’ve all been doing well these last couple weeks and we can’t wait to see you again in the store once we are able to reopen!

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