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Meet the Booksellers: Sarah

I figured it would be less selfish to start the staff pick features last week with Mary instead of with myself! But these are a few new releases that I featured at the store on my staff picks shelf and I hope that you’ll enjoy them. Next week we’ll feature Pam’s Picks!

House of Earth and Blood is a departure from Sarah Maas’ previous books, not just in that it’s her first adult fantasy, but in that it is more of an urban fantasy and, delightfully, references Norse mythology! I’ve enjoyed each of her books thus far and am so excited to share her new series with customers at the store, as well as delight in reading it myself!


Oh how I wish I had gotten to this book sooner. It is absolutely wonderful, a great addition to any sports, sociology, history or women’s studies shelf in any bookstore, large or small. What the women of the united Korean hockey team managed to accomplish is absolutely amazing and commendable.


I fell in love with Zelda just from reading the back cover (and I’m partial to all things Vikings.) I found myself completely enthralled with her and her life outlook, as well as how she responded to the world around her. Despite all challenges in front of her (namely her brother), she found ways to thrive in her own way. I’m so excited to share this book with so many customers at the bookstore!


I was immediately pulled into Anna’s memoir. I’ve never been particularly interested in the tech world of Silicon Valley, but Anna’s literary background made me incredibly curious – why would you leave books for tech? And while I still can’t fathom doing so myself, I found Anna’s reasoning relatable and her personal experiences with the tech bros fascinating.


D-Day Girls first drew me in with its Erik Larson blurb and I stayed for the amazing English and French women who risked so much to relay information to the Allies before D-Day. It strikes me as a nonfiction companion to the story of the younger sister in Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale.


I love a good essay collection and when I picked up Make It Scream, Make It Burn, I opened it with great anticipation. It lived up to my expectations and then some. It is by far one of the best collections I have ever read.


Stay tuned for more curated book lists tomorrow!

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