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Summer Escape Reads

While I’ve always turned to books to escape the “real world,” the stories in books may be just what we need now more than ever! Since we are living in a time when traveling is discouraged, who is to stop us from “traveling” somewhere new through a book? Here are some contemporary YA books that will satisfy your wanderlust without having to leave your bed.

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour: Morgan Matson is known for her fun, inspiring summer novels, and this one does not disappoint. Amy and Roger, childhood friends who had lost touch with each other, embark on a cross country road trip from California to Connecticut. Along the way, they get reacquainted as they stop at many places along the way, from Yosemite to Kentucky and everywhere in between. Matson actually took this same road trip and includes pictures, receipts, menus, music playlists and more within the pages, making the trip seem all the more real. You’ll feel like you’re in the back seat of the car as you embark on this journey with the two characters!

Love & Gelato: This book is set in Tuscany, Italy, and will surely have you fantasizing about living there yourself. The story follows Lina, whose mother has died and is forced to stay in Italy for the summer with her dad who has been out of her life for 16 years. However, Lina finds a journal of her mother’s that details her own time spent in Italy. It’s so much fun to follow Lina as she discovers Italy, meets an intriguing boy, discovers more about her past and, of course, eats a lot of gelato.

Again, But Better: One of the reasons why I love this book is because it is written about a 20 year old in college, an age group that does not seem to be written about often. The main character, Shane, decides to study abroad in London after wanting a change in her life. Shane’s incredibly relatable character, combined with the adventures she takes traveling, makes for a fun and inspiring novel to read.

The Rest of the Story: If you were a fan of “Outerbanks” on Netflix and wish you could live by the water, this book comes in handy! Emma Saylor’s mother died when she was 10 years old, and although she doesn’t remember everything about her childhood, she does remember the stories she was told about living at the lake. All of a sudden, Emma is stuck spending her summer at the lake with her mother’s family, the place she hasn’t been since she was much younger. Although it may not have the treasure hunt aspect of “Outer Banks,” North Lake is divided into two groups of people, the working and wealthy class. The setting of the book is perfect for summer and will instantly transport you to life on a gorgeous lake.

Anna and the French Kiss: This popular book takes place in, you guessed it, Paris, France. Anna isn’t happy that she has to spend her senior year of high school at a boarding school in Paris….until she meets a group of friends, including the alluring Etienne St. Clair. You’ll explore this romantic, beautiful city right along with Anna and want to book a ticket straight to Paris the second you can.

This week’s self-isolation reading list will be coming to you on Monday – after a busy week back at the store starting to receive books, we’re going to share all the SIGNED copies that have come in that are now available!

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