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June New Releases

Wondering what’s new this month that we, the booksellers, loved? Check out our favorite new releases!

This was a hard memoir for me to read because it hit so many deeply personal events and behaviors that I try not to think about. Susan’s writer is immediately captivating and has a stream-of-consciousness style to it in some places. For people who are dealing with ED or are in the lifelong process of recovery, a great deal of Susan’s story will speak to them. For the loved ones and family members of someone dealing with ED or recovery, it’s an entry point into understanding what their own love one might be dealing with.

Reading this book felt like being dunked into an Agatha Christie novel with a Victorian twist which was just delightful. With strength, determination, and the intrepid intelligence reminiscent of Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, Sophia’s unraveling of the murder of her cousin was an absolute thrilling ride. Definitely one of my new favorite mysteries.

When you begin reading Parakeet, it seems as though the initial premise is as peculiar as the book can get: The Bride’s grandmother, 10 years deceased, visits her in the form of a parakeet and tells her to find her brother. But this is just the beginning of The Bride’s deliciously strange–and sometimes tragic–week of transformation and discovery as she wrestles with her ambivalence surrounding her fiance, the traumas of her and her family’s past, and her reconnection with her sibling. Parakeet is magical realism at its best, opaque at times but always moving, funny, and human. (Marielle also enjoyed this one!)

Is it ok to keep a secret whether big or small because you feel it will protect the ones you love? This is the main theme throughout this amazing book. As the story begins Adam and Livia are preparing for a large celebration, that Livia has been dreaming of since she was nineteen. When the unthinkable happens and only Adam knows the truth should he share this knowledge and destroy Livia’s dream.

This book was everything I needed in the form of a cute contemporary romance! It feels so much more than that sometimes because the characters lives really surround their respective families. The familial aspect of the this story is definitely my favorite and how food plays such a big part of how the family interacts and show love. It made me so hungry reading about the food that Layla’s family makes at their restaurant. The heart of this story really stands with Layla and Sam and their relationship! They had some of the best banter that I’ve read and I found myself eagerly awaiting each of their interactions with each other. I loved seeing them together when they were interviewing Layla’s prospective husbands and I thought they were hilarious. Their chemistry was so good and so real and they’ve definitely become one of my favorite fictional couples

This book is The Legend of Boggy Creek for the 21st-century. Take a handful of wealthy urbanites, put them in the middle of nowhere and with no modern technology, throw in a volcanic eruption, add some Bigfoots, and bingo! You’ve got a fun, frightening read.

We hope you’re enjoying these lists and we can’t wait to see you all in person either in the store or via curbside pickup soon!

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