Upcoming Virtual Events: October

Want to see what we’ve been up to event-wise at Towne? Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and then keep scrolling to see who’s coming up and who has already virtually stopped by!

Click on the image for each author to be directed to their specific event page on our website for more information and to grab a copy of their books!

Tuesday, October 6th at 4pm: MARA RUTHERFORD with Kristin Dwyer

Young Adult Fantasy author of the Crown of Coral and Pearl series

Signed book plates and wave charm are available with purchase of Kingdom of Sea and Stone.

Friday, October 9th at 7pm: BECKY WALLACE & JAMIE PACTON

Young Adult Contemporary Romance authors of Far from Normal and The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly respectively

Tuesday, October 13th at 7pm: JULIE BERRY

Picture Book, Middle Grade, and YA author of Wishes & Wellingtons and Lovely War (and many others!, recommended by Sarah & Anna, see Sarah’s full review of Lovely War HERE.

Signed and personalized bookplates are available if you pre-order Wishes & Wellingtons before the event! Pre-orders will also include a FREE face mask!

Never before have a read a love story so immersive, so immediate, so completely overwhelming. I kept thinking how I couldn’t really believe it was a young adult book – I kept envisioning it sitting on a display on par with The Nightingale. I thought I knew a great deal about both World Wars as I’ve been fascinated by them for most of my life, but not only did I enjoy the plot, I learned a great deal about the front in France and how all the different groups of people who came there for many reasons from all over the world interacted with each other.

Sarah on The Lovely War

Tuesday, October 22nd at 7pm: PEGGY PANOSH & SUSIE ARONS

Humor authors and illustrator of Billions of Besties, recommended by Sarah

We could all use some positivity these days and what better way to share it than by celebrating awesome friendships! The ones included range from the well known (Gayle and Oprah) to more ideological (Lizzo and The Truth). It’s a great collection and will be an adorable gift book for your BFF this holiday season!


Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm: Spooky Towne with DANIEL KRAUS

Middle grade author of They Threw Us Away

Thursday, October 29th at 7pm: WILLIAM LASHNER

Thriller and middle grade author of the Elizabeth Wesbter series, recommended by Marielle

Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Webster fights ghosts and demons in the weirdest court of law ever in this zany middle-grade adventure. From the first line you’ll feel pulled into a noir film, with sarcastic and awkward Elizabet as your hard-boiled but loveable narrator. Part mystery, part courtroom drama, part ghost story, this is the perfect book or anyone who’s ever felt like the odd one out and/or enjoys a ghostly court case.


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