Wrap Up

November in Review

Did you miss a post this month? Here’s everything we’ve featured since our October in Review post – just click on the image to be directed to the post!

Unique This Month

We’re already in the holiday mood this month at Towne! Check out all of our staff holiday gift giving recommendations! We’ve separated them into the following categories, or you can click on the image above to see them all!

Wondering what books our booksellers loved the most this year? There were so many to choose from and we all agonized over which one was truly the best we read, but we managed to make some decisions and this is definitely one of the best lists compared to previous years!

Oprah recently shared the books that got her through the struggles and anxiety of this year. Many are books that we have sold numerous copies of over the years and we think it’s a wonderful list that will help anyone looking to try to make sense of this crazy year.

This is one of our favorites – every holiday season, the ABA’s, the American Booksellers Association’s, member booksellers (the same people who do the Indie Next List, us!) put together their own holiday gift giving guide! Some of the included books are also TBC staff favorites as well!

Wondering which books have sold best at Towne Book Center this year? Look no further than our latest round of Towne Bestsellers!

Two years ago, Michelle Obama’s Becoming was the number one holiday seller here at Towne, and nationwide. We’re hoping to see the same folks turn out for Barack’s hotly anticipated memoir. But in addition to his A Promised Land, we included some of our staff favorite memoirs from his own staff, as well as books by the president- and vice president-elect!

The end of the year and the holiday season inspire us to make so many “best of” and “best selling” lists! For this one we looked at all of the different books our staff members picked as staff picks for the year and determined which ones sold best!

Staff Features

While this month we just have posts from Marielle and Sarah, it’s because there will be MULTIPLE posts from each staff member for the holidays in December! Click on the image for each post to see their contributions for this month and click on their names to see all the posts they’ve written so far!

This month the store celebrated it’s 30th anniversary and our manager, Sarah, has written a post about what she loves best about Towne, and her hopes for it’s future.

Marielle is sharing some of her favorite magical realism middle grade books this month!

Regular Features

Now that staff members are back in the store, we’ve resumed our regular biweekly staff picks and are now sharing them here on the blog! The image links to the most recent, and you can find all of our staff picks on our website HERE. These titles are always on display in the store as well.

This month we hosted virtual events on our YouTube channel with Kolbie Blume, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Evan Winter, and local author Shari Botwin! Click on the image above to be directed to our events and see which authors we have coming up in December & January!

Each month we feature the latest Indie Next lists, the upcoming releases that indie booksellers, just like us, are excited to share with readers that month! These titles are always on display in the store as well.

Each month we feature the New York Times bestsellers the first week of the month, and the Indie bestsellers each week thereafter. The images above links to the latest Indie & NYT bestsellers!

This month we featured selections that our new owner Drew really enjoys!

Do you keep up with a certain celebrity book club? Each month we’re featuring the selections from some of our favorites!

This month we’ve featured the some of the signed copies of some of the adult fiction and nonfiction books that we have on our shelves!

NEW RELEASES: Each month we love to share the under-the-radar books that have come out that we as booksellers are absolutely raving!

Towards the end of each month we feature the Indie Next titles that have recently come out in paperback. This titles can be found on display in the store as well!

Catch up on the upcoming book clubs books here! And don’t worry, we always share as many as we know for each group, not just the next one! So if you’ve missed November’s meeting, you can get ahead with future selections!

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