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(Very) Old Poetry in New Translations

A real translation is transparent; it does not cover the original, does not block its light…Walter Benjamin, The Task of the Translator (1923) I am very particular (read: picky) when it comes to the translations I read, especially when it comes to poetry. When it comes to what I look for in a translated work,… Continue reading (Very) Old Poetry in New Translations

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Winter & Spring Book Club Recommendations, Part 2

Twice a year the American Booksellers Association shares indie booksellers recommendations for book clubs. We’re excited to share them here with you as well. While this edition was not in print (or on the IndieBound website with the previous publications), we’ll be sharing some of our favorite sections from the full list. And the even… Continue reading Winter & Spring Book Club Recommendations, Part 2

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Upcoming Book Club Books February/March

While we're operating on limited hours, our book clubs are still meeting virtually. Click on the header for each one to be directed to it's page on our website, and contact our manager, Sarah, at if you see one you'd like to join and she'll give you moderator's information! YA for All book club… Continue reading Upcoming Book Club Books February/March

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We’re Back with New Staff Picks!

January was a little crazy for us here at the store. We're delighted to come back from our unexpected blog hiatus with the latest recommendations from our booksellers! If you click on the bookseller's name, you'll be directed to all of their picks and you can click on the cover to be directed directly to… Continue reading We’re Back with New Staff Picks!