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Middle Grade Eco-Fiction for the Eco-Warrior

Ever since climate activist Greta Thunberg proved to the world that no one is too small to make a difference, kids of all ages have been flocking to read all about the environment and what they can do to help. This is something I seriously wish had been popular when I was in school, because… Continue reading Middle Grade Eco-Fiction for the Eco-Warrior

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New Staff Picks!

'Tis time once more to check in with your friendly neighborhood booksellers to see what they're reading this week! Staff picks TBC Links Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin Morningside Heights is a novel beautifully rooted in the realities of everyday life. Focusing on the Steiner-Robin family of Pru, Spence, their daughter Sarah, and Spence's son… Continue reading New Staff Picks!