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April New Releases

We miss stocking up our shelves in the wine bar with new releases every Tuesday morning. There are so many great books that came out this month that we want to share with you!

From the first pages, Anika paints a picture of post-WWII Germany far more complex than most Americans would think. Her characters are multilayered and elicit both empathy and scrutiny from readers. I cannot wait to see where her next book takes me as I anxiously await more of her compelling storytelling!

– Sarah

What fun Take Me Apart is! It’s a thriller with intellectual depth and two incredibly complex women at its forefront. Sligar portrays mental illness in both of these characters convincingly and without falling into stereotypes or platitudes. Learning about Miranda’s life through her documents as we get Kate’s third person omniscient story is super creative and made sure the writing never felt stale (apart from the fact that Silgar is a damn good writer, of course). More depth than Big Little Lies but less disturbing than Sharp Objects (both books I enjoy), it’s a dark and winding tale that leaves you with more hope then you started with, which is a nice change of pace for me.

– Hadley

I enjoy reading historical novels and The Book of Lost Friends is one of my favorites. I knew nothing about the newspaper advertisements titled Lost Friends that was the method used for slaves that were separated from their family members to try and reconnect. Eventually they were compiled into a book. Hannie stole my heart as she travels on a dangerous journey with 2 other female characters and uses her instincts and pluckiness to survive some pretty harrowing events that would have killed most adults. Hannie’s story takes place in the South in 1875 and is written in colloquial language. The author, Lisa Wingate, weaves a second story altogether–taking place 100 years later, in 1987. First year teacher Benny Silva brings her unruly teen students alive with a project on finding their family heritage. Lisa ties both stories together beautifully. Her language and writing style make me feel like I am right there, with the characters, chapter after chapter. I particularly loved the theme of the blue beads on the necklace and the symbolism of family loyalty. Books and libraries played an important role in this book. Two of my favorite quotes are: “literature is subjective. No two readers read the same book, because we all see the words through different eyes, filter the story through different life experiences.” Also, “there is no faster way to change your circumstance than to open a great book.” There is now a Lost Friends database that can be viewed online. I wonder how many who placed an advertisement ultimately found their loved ones.

– Mary

A really fun romp through the gated communities of the south during the early 90’s, with a vampire thrown in too! I have really enjoyed all of Grady Hendrix’s novels thus far and am happy to say that this one continues the tradition. The vampire was good and spooky and it was super refreshing to not just have him feed on peoples blood but also create suffering in the communities as well. Best moment in the book was when the two women were comparing the best ways to clean up after themselves, I literally cackled.

– Drew

We’ll try to make this a monthly feature even after we return to business as usual at the store! What new releases from April have you been enjoying while at home?

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